untitledPhysics Rocket Team is a place for students of the Department of Physics, Universitas Brawijaya who are interested in aerodynamics and rockets. A brief history of the formation of this club is when in 2008 the alumni of UB Physics Department who work in LAPAN (NASIONAL AVIATION & ANARIKSA INSTITUTION) made an offer to take part in a rocket loading competition which was held at Pandansimo beach, Bantul, Jogjakarta. Since then the rocket team began to form, at first the members rocket team were none other than the robotics team, which was pioneered by Novita (Physics 2005), Tony (Physics 2005), Mukarom (Physics 2005), Ersy (Physics 2005), Evi ( Physics 2005), Tono (Physics 2005), Rinti (Physics 2002), and Hendra (Physics 2002) who were supervised by DR.Eng. Didik Rahadi Santoso, M.Sc.

In the first year (2008) participating in the Indonesian rocket competition, this rocket team managed to advance to the final stage (presentation) but had not succeeded in winning the championship. This motivates the Physics Rocket Team to continue participating in this competition every year. In 2009 and 2011 the Physics Rocket Team was also able to penetrate the presentation stage. Unfortunately, for 2010 and 2012 it was stopped at the progress report stage.



The stages that must be passed in this Indonesian Rocket Competition include:
Pre-race stage:

  1. proposal selection
  2. progress report

Competition stage:

  1. Functionality Test
  2. Flight Test
  3. Presentation

Until now, the Physics Rocket Team is still learning and trying to develop its ability to continue to participate in competitions in the following years. The Physics Rocket Team hopes to provide benefits and contributions to advancing technology in Indonesia.

Indonesian Rocket Competition

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